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By datagraft_publisher

Last modification almost 6 years ago -  2017-01-24 15:18:27 UTC

Retrieve the cadastre reference identifier, organisation number and organisation name for all entries of the database

Query text

PREFIX prodm-cad: <>
PREFIX prodm-com: <>
PREFIX prodm-soe: <>
PREFIX cp: <>
PREFIX dul: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>

SELECT (?cadref as ?CadastreReferenceID) (?orgnr as ?OrganisationNumber) (?orgnavn as ?OrganisationName)

?cp a prodm-soe:CadastralParcel;
cp:nationalCadastralReference ?cadref;

prodm-com:hasAreaMeasurement [ a prodm-com:AreaMeasurement ;
rdf:value ?area ;].
?rr a prodm-cad:RealRights;
dul:defines ?cp;
dul:defines ?owner.
?owner a prodm-soe:RightsHolderOrganization;
dcterms:identifier ?orgnr;
rdfs:label ?orgnavn .