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Show properties on a category map, where category is the ownership that can be of two types: (1) Same ownership from Matrikkel and SOE, (2) Ownership from Matrikkel that is absent from SOE

Query text

PREFIX prodm-cad: <>
PREFIX prodm-com: <>
PREFIX prodm-soe: <>
PREFIX schema: <>
PREFIX gsp: <>
PREFIX sf: <>
PREFIX cp: <>
PREFIX dul: <>
PREFIX dbo: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>

SELECT DISTINCT ?nationalCadastralReference ?presence ?coords ?legalName ?OwnershipType ?startDate

{ ?cp a prodm-cad:CadastralParcel;
prodm-com:hasPresence ?presence ;
prodm-cad:hasLandParcel ?teig;
cp:nationalCadastralReference ?nationalCadastralReference.
?teig a prodm-cad:LandParcel;
dul:part ?cp;
gsp:hasGeometry [ a sf:MultiPolygon;
gsp:asWKT ?coords ;].
?rr a prodm-cad:RealRights;
dul:defines ?cp;
dul:defines ?org;
prodm-cad:hasStartDate ?startDate;
dbo:type ?OwnershipType.
?org a prodm-cad:RightsHolderOrganization;
schema:legalName ?legalName .

FILTER (?presence = "1" || ?presence = "2")
FILTER (lang(?OwnershipType) = 'en')